I have been training with Ksenia since June 2022. I am a Pilates instructor and run group trainings on mat and reformers. Initially, I just wanted to discuss professional topic, but after the first class I have realised that her approach is unique and 100% meets my needs. We exercised online and it wasn’t a hindrance at all. Once we started I’ve realised that I have been doing most of the exercises utilising incorrect muscles and, moreover, did not take into account my scoliosis. Kseniia gave me a lot of breathing exercises and actually forced me to return to basic. And magic happened! Every lesson I’ve been learning something new in my body, feeling positive changes. Finally I have started using her cues and guidance for my clients and seeing positive results with them!

I am delighted with this journey into Pilates world with Ksenia and I’m looking forward for a many more discoveries ahead.

What an enthusiastic response I received from the head of the studio where I’m employed! She said – your back is f** good! Actually that’s exactly how I feel!  Whole new world. Amazing job!