Mind and Body Assessment

Understand the root cause of your pain

Complex body and mind assessment designed to find the real source of your physical and mental imbalances. 


60 minutes


for members
and private clients

Find the real issues

Start healing your body and mind

Reclaim the balance

Regain vitality and joy by identifying root causes of issues like pain, reproductive problems, low libido, and depression. By addressing the source of stress, you enhance the body’s natural healing abilities.

Anxiety relief

Release the root of overthinking, worry, anxiety, and frustration through a full mind-body assessment. Gain clarity, communicate from a peaceful heart, and make better life choices to improve your health.

Pain release

Release trauma, stress, and pain. Examine stress on all levels to let go of imbalances, blockages, and what no longer serves you, leading to relief from physical or psychological pain.

Break free​

Assess posture and movement along with intake information, family history, and anamnesis to analyse the big picture. Combine with psychological counselling to eliminate restrictions and move in a desirable direction.

1. Physical Assessment

Every part of your body is connected

Once you develop an imbalance in muscles and posture, get trapped in emotional stress, it becomes really difficult to turn back around. No matter what rehabs, personal training, diets, sport activities you take, it is just not fixing the issue or it comes back quickly after. We’ve seen these with all our clients from athletes and fitness lovers to busy mums and corporate workers. The thing is, it doesn’t start with the body!

Your emotional patterns, feelings, everyday choices and core beliefs play a key role in how tight, rigid, stiff, painful or fatigued you are. By practicing a holistic approach we treat not the symptoms but the root cause of imbalance.

2. Psychological Counseling

Your mind controls your body and vice versa

You start to experience pain, soreness, tightness, and overall stress on a physical and mental level. How can you make the right lifestyle choices, correct your postural imbalance and manage your stress levels? Discovering your behaviour patterns and subconscious beliefs will dramatically speed up the process of real healing.

I used to workout in a gym 7 days a week, trying to grow my glutes and tone my body. But until I broke my back in a surf accident and started learning pilates, I couldn't understand that my glutes very connected to my back, to my head, to my mind. That's when I started to grow.

Kseniia Pisareva, Head Pilates Trainer

Get back in shape

We can put you on the road to recovery

Customer Story

“Once we started I’ve realised that I have been doing most of the exercises utilising incorrect muscles and, moreover, did not take into account my scoliosis. Kseniia gave me a lot of breathing exercises and actually forced me to return to basic. And magic happened! Every lesson I’ve been learning something new in my body, feeling positive changes.”

Olga, Fitness trainer


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