Semi-Private Stretch Class

Correct your postural habits and imbalances

Improve flexibility and address imbalances that may cause pain, soreness, tightness, and overall stress on a physical level.

per class
55 minutes

Improve coordination and flexibility

Stay agile and flexible for daily tasks like walking and reaching. Strong muscles are not enough; stretching and flexibility are also vital for coordinated movements at any age.

Correct your posture

Better posture comes from improved joint flexibility and mobility. By mobilising rigid areas and stretching tight muscles, you can prevent injury and alleviate pain caused by poor posture.

Relieve stress and anxiety

High cortisol levels from prolonged stress can cause muscle rigidity. Reset your nervous system’s response to stress with targeted stretching exercises to alleviate tension and improve flexibility.

What to expect in Class

Controlled movements under careful guidance

We start with preparing the nervous system by breathing and myofascial release exercises, followed by a light warm-up. This is then followed by stretching isolated muscles and muscle chains to address poor postural habits and imbalances. Then mobility is addressed by performing simple but crucial for daily movements exercises. In the end, we integrate all new patterns with breathing.

Initial Assessment

Align your body
for best performance

For each new member, we conduct a full body assessment to determine the imbalances, mobility issues and find the ultimate cause of body pain and mental issues.

This process allows us to understand the client’s needs and find the best approach to structure a program that generates positive results.

Semi-Private Classes

Maximum 4 people in class

Semi-private classes bring the best elements of private training and group fitness classes together to create a unique experience in which clients thrive. Maximum number of attendees is 4 people.

Apparatus We Could use during the class

Get access to the best Stretch tools

Customer Story

“I wanted to say thank you for providing consistent fantastic classes for me. Having attended for a couple of months, now I feel that my core strength has improved along with balance & posture. Each class I learn something new or get challenged with a new concept in a completely safe and accepting environment.”

Olga, Mum of 3​


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2 semi-private classes


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