Semi-Private Pilates Class

Enhance your body awareness

Whole-body exercise designed to improve daily activities and vitality, and to balance all body muscles.

per class
55 minutes

Improve brain function

Studies have shown improved cognitive function after Pilates training. Improve blood flow to the brain and increase longevity of neurons responsible for learning, memory, and executive thinking.

Enjoy life without pain

Elevated vitality and sexuality. Strengthen your pelvic floor, which has a direct correlation with increased sexual pleasure. Boost the immune system by improving blood and lymph flow.

Enhance body awareness

The attention inward and ability to focus on the sensations in your body heightens your awareness of comfort or pain, your emotions, and your surrounding environment.

What to expect in Class

Controlled movements under careful guidance

Starting off with a warmup to bring structural and emotional alignment into the body, progressing onto a set of dynamic exercises to increase strength for better support and joints stabilisation during movement. This is a low to medium impact class that creates optimal strength through muscular balance and neuromuscular patterns regulation. Finishing with a cool down and final alignment exercises that will help you move efficiently throughout the day.

Initial Assessment

Align your body
for best performance

For each new member, we conduct a full body assessment to determine the imbalances, mobility issues and find the ultimate cause of body pain and mental issues.

This process allows us to understand the client’s needs and find the best approach to structure a program that generates positive results.

Semi-Private Classes

Maximum 4 people in class

Semi-private classes bring the best elements of private training and group fitness classes together to create a unique experience in which clients thrive. Maximum number of attendees is 4 people.

Apparatus We Could use during the class

Get access to the best Pilates tools

Customer Story

“Pilates was just a new experience for me that I wanted to attempt, and I didn’t expect the classes to be so enthusiastic and thorough. Kseniia is an experienced trainer, passionate and dedicated to what she’s teaching. She observes the body weakness and stiffness hence work on that, which means you will get a customised training.”



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2 semi-private classes


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