Kinesiology Session

Destress and get sense of calm and peace

Kinesiology is a therapy where we blend Western Anatomy & Physiology with Traditional Chinese Medicine to understand and treat the functional and emotional stress of your body as one.

After intake and initial counselling, we set up a desired goal. Then using a gentle art of muscle monitoring, we gain natural feedback from the body to better understand the underlying causal factors of an imbalance or health issue.

Based on that we balance the body and provide advice on how to improve your current state by putting together a physical, nutritional, and mental regiment that works with your body instead of against it.


per session
90 minutes

Restore the flow of energy

De-stress. Sense of balance, whether it’s physical, mental or energetic. Kinesiology looks at the body and mind, including physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects.

Defusing the imbalances and restoring the flow of energy gives your body an opportunity for true healing. Holistic kinesiology is only limited by your body’s own ability to self-heal.

Eliminate the causes of pain

Deep sense of self-esteem, confidence, and acceptance. It empowers you to make the right choices.

Each session aims to provide understanding and solutions to the original causes of your issues. The knowledge of this original cause always lies within you.

This is where kinesiology has a great advantage because it can provide a wealth of information about what is causing your problem by asking your body and destressing it accordingly.

Improve sleep, digestion, vitality

Using a beautiful blend of Chinese traditional and Western allopathic medicine a session sets you on the path of learning about the connection between emotions, thoughts, feelings, stress, nutrition, sleep, hormones and physical symptoms. This will empower you to make the right lifestyle choices for yourself.

Discovering your behaviour patterns and subconscious beliefs will dramatically speed up the process of real healing.

Since 2007 I have helped thousands of clients overcome tiredness, improve digestion and reduce joint pain. I have expanded my knowledge in western medicine, kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine, vibrational and integrative medicine.

Kseniia Pisareva, Head Pilates Trainer

Customer Story

“I absolutely love kinesiology sessions with Ksenia. As soon as you lie down and submit yourself to Ksenia’s holistic guidance, a wave of calmness washes over you. When we were done, I felt centred and grounded. This session was truly life changing and I cannot recommend Ksenia enough.”

Anna, Lawyer


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