Pilates Duet Session

Enhance your body awareness

Develop a true bond with your partner and push each other. Make working together more fun and social.

Improve brain function

Studies have shown improved cognitive function after Pilates training. Improve blood flow to the brain and increase longevity of neurons responsible for learning, memory, and executive thinking.

Enjoy life without pain

Elevated vitality and sexuality. Strengthen your pelvic floor, which has a direct correlation with increased sexual pleasure. Boost the immune system by improving blood and lymph flow.

Enhance body awareness

The attention inward and ability to focus on the sensations in your body heightens your awareness of comfort or pain, your emotions, and your surrounding environment.

Your road to recovery

You need a structured approach, not a band-aid

Beautiful blend of Chinese traditional and Western allopathic medicine, pilates and breath work in each class takes you on the path of learning about the connection between body movement, emotions, thoughts, feelings, stress, nutrition, sleep, hormones and physical symptoms. 

Defusing imbalances and restoring the flow of energy not only supports you throughout your daily activities, but also gives your body an opportunity for true healing. The holistic approach that we practice at Body Library is only limited by your body’s own ability to heal itself.

Mind and Body Assessment

The right start with a personalised plan

For each new private client, we conduct a full body assessment to determine the imbalances, mobility issues and find the ultimate cause of body pain and mental issues.

This process allows us to understand your needs and find the best approach to structure a program that generates positive results.

Since 2007 I have helped thousands of clients overcome tiredness, improve digestion and reduce joint pain. I have expanded my knowledge in western medicine, kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine, vibrational and integrative medicine.

Kseniia Pisareva, Head Pilates Trainer

Apparatus and Tools We can Use

Learn true pilates, not just reformers

Customer Story

“I didn’t expect miracles from pilates because doctors were not able to solve my issues. After a month of training once a week and doing my homework, I feel so good! I play with my grandchildren, ride a bicycle, and can walk long distance.”

Vladimir, 69 years old

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Integrative Medicine

Be in control of your body, not at its mercy