Bowen Therapy Session

Free up body blockages.

Bowen works on the unique structure in the body called fascia (connective tissue fibers). This fascia can, whether through injury, illness, stress (both physical or emotional) become “dehydrated” or “glued” causing imbalances to occur in the normal functioning of the body. Applying the Bowen moves, the therapy works to release the “glued” or “stuck” fascia allowing it to re-hydrate naturally relieving stiffness, pain and improving mobility.

Bowen is a series of gentle rolling moves of muscle, ligaments and connective tissue which balances the body and stimulates energy flow. Most people experience a deep sense of relaxation and may even fall asleep during the treatment. Safe to use on people off all ages including new borns and immobile persons including long term pain, stiffness and restricted mobility.


per session
60 minutes

Bowen: a unique technique considered a natural therapy

The Bowen Technique was developed by Tom Bowen in Geelong, Australia in the early 1960’s. Training in this technique began in 1986 and is now in 200 countries with 26,000 practitioners globally.

The Treatment

Bowen moves may be done on skin, or through light clothing. The technique consists of a series of gentle rolling moves over fascia influencing the muscles and tendons, using a light touch.

Frequent pauses between moves give the body time to process and benefit. Different sensations may include pain moving to other parts of the body. This is part of the body adjusting.

Fast and Effective

Rapid results are common, with most injuries and pain responding in a few sessions, however, maintenance or “tune up” treatments are of great benefit to keep your body in a state of optimal balance and to prevent re-injury as misalignments in the fascia, adhesions and gluing patterns cause inefficient and restricted movement and eventually lead to pain and inflammation.

Clients usually experience a deep and long-lasting relief, even from long-standing injury or pain.

"I have always had a interest in natural healing and preventative health in my personal life since my early 20's. I draw on my passion and experience focusing on Bowen Therapy, Tissue Salts and Bach Flower remedies to assist overall healing. I am thrilled to be working with Kseniia and the team at the Body Library on improving your health and fitness in a holistic way."

Eve, Bowen Therapist

Customer Story

“I came to Australia with several pains: shoulder, belly, feet … due to several accidents and all together the depressing feeling of inexorable deterioration of my body. 3 weeks later after 2 Bowen sessions (at day 1 and day 21) and 9 Pilates sessions + 1 breathing session, I am a new person back to a constructive relationship with my body and a physical posture that reveals this mindset to the world.”

Caroline, 61 years old


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