Body Psychology​ Session

Enhance your body awareness

This is a 2-hour session that combines integrative medicine and Pilates benefits. A posture and movement assessment is followed by a comprehensive client history intake form (including brain function, digestion, sleep, breathing, reproductive system etc).

Following the analysis, we proceed with a psychological counselling. Limiting beliefs or blockages are assessed via muscle monitoring, identifying when it started, and any other emotional or physical context around it. By accessing that information, we will be able to clear blockage and relief the stress.

Any structural, nutritional, psychological or energetic imbalance may be addressed.


per session
120 minutes

Ease old trauma, stress and pain

It can be mental, emotional, physical, bio-chemical, or environmental one. Stress causes imbalances, emotional and energetic blockages that can manifest as physical or psychological pain and illness over a period of time. Exploring the stress on all levels you allow grief, anger, old pain and what no longer serves you go.

Relieve anxiety and frustration

Find and release the root of overthinking and worry. If you find yourself thinking… “I am doing all the “right things”, like walking, eating healthy, sensible about alcohol, yet there is still something off with my health”, after the session you will be clear about your truth and be able to communicate from a compassionate and peaceful heart instead of busy mind.

Claim back vitality and joy

Working comprehensively throughout all systems you can identify the root of reproductive issues, low libido, depression, energy slumps, reflux, constipation, bloating, bed-wetting, and even nightmares or vivid dreams. Balance and resolve what’s behind the stress you can inhibit the body’s natural ability to heal.

Since 2007 I have helped thousands of clients overcome tiredness, improve digestion and reduce joint pain. I have expanded my knowledge in western medicine, kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine, vibrational and integrative medicine.

Kseniia Pisareva, Head Pilates Trainer

Customer Story

“Any apprehension I had quickly dissipated during my first session with Kseniia at Body Library. I was immediately made to feel comfortable and welcome. Since that first day, Kseniia has expertly guided me and helped me advance, constantly ensuring my form is correct and offering lots of encouragement.”



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